Thursday, December 6, 2007

Download videos on iTunes

You can download any any or all videos on my V-log on iTunes.

At the top of the iTunes window click "advanced" then click "subscribe to podcast" enter the url "". The videos will now be under the podcasts tab on iTunes.

If you want to put the videos on your iPod you will have to right click the video you want and select "convert selection for iPod/iPhone"

-Mike Wright

Julia's baby sister: Crystal

This video is all about Crystal's experience at Julia's B-Day party. Crystal was just days away from being 4 months old herself. She was tired, but had fun seeing all the people and especially playing on the bouncer. Click the image, or CLICK HERE, to watch.

-Mike Wright

Julia just can't leave him alone

Here's another video from Julia's 3rd Birthday Party. This one is all about Julia and her best friend Elijah. All through the party Julia was chasing Elijah everywhere, copying anything he did, and screaming his name when she couldn't find him. Click the image, or HERE, to watch.

-Mike Wright

Julia's 3rd Birthday Party!

My niece Julia turned 3 years old on December 2nd. Her party was at Little Gym in Milpitas. Family and friends from her Las Madres playgroup all came. We had lots of fun playing in the gym. Afterwards, we went back to my house and opened presents. Click the image, or CLICK HERE, to watch.

-Mike Wright

Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween Costumes!

Here are my two nieces putting on their Halloween costumes for a party with "Gramma." Julia is Cinderella and Crystal is a pumpkin.

-Mike Wright